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Under the Bonnet Checks

Under the Bonnet Checks

Checking fluid levels

Maintaining the fluid levels in your Mercedes-Benz can add years to the life of your engine, as well as help you avoid a breakdown. The really good news is that its quick and easy to do if you follow our step-by-step instructions*.

Engine Oil

Only ever follow this process when the engine is cool.

  • First of all, lift the bonnet.
  • Then, find the dipstick and remove it.
  • Once removed, wipe it clean with a cloth and re-insert it.
  • Remove it a second time and check again.
  • The correct level should be between the two hash marks near the bottom of the stick.

Brake Fluid

  • Find the reservoir in the engine compartment on or near the firewall.
  • Check if its at least two thirds full.
  • Add fluid if the level is below two thirds full.

Note: Do not check your brake fluid outside if it is raining. It is important to keep your braking system dry.

Window Washing Fluid

  • Locate the reservoir in the engine compartment.
  • If empty, simply add water or washer fluid.

Note: for when the outside temperature drops below 0C (32F), use a specially formulated windshield washer fluid such as Mercedes-Benz WinterFit that will not freeze up. You can purchase Mercedes-Benz WinterFit from your local Mercedes-Benz Retailer.

* These checks are a general guide for exact instructions, please refer to your Owners Manual.

When conducting any of these checks, please ensure that your engine is off and is cool.