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Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) - Agility

This contract is designed again for the private motorist.  This method of funding allows you to run your own car on a similar basis as a company car without having to pay tax on the benefit.
You enjoy the pleasure of driving a new vehicle every 2-4 years.  The option of owning or returning the vehicle is open until the end of contract. 
The finances are structured so that you do not need a large deposit and the guaranteed Residual Value eliminates the risk of depreciation and keeps the monthly repayments low.   



  • Fixed cost allowing easy budget management
  • Low initial outlay (usually 3 rentals in advance)
  • The choice to buy, sell or trade in the vehicle at the end of the contract
  • Charges are exempt from VAT
  • Ideal for opting out of the company car scheme (no company car tax)
  • Ability to change for a brand new vehicle on a regular basis