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How To Avoid And Deal With Windscreen Damage

We’ve put together a few quick tips on how best to prevent, mitigate and deal with windscreen damage when it does occur.


How F1 Cars Changed Mercedes Forever

Mercedes have a long and successful history at the pinnacle of motorsport. Here we look at how this lineage has affected everything the brand does.


A Class Vs B Class Battle Of The Hatchbacks

Both the A Class and B Class are excellent all-round hatchbacks. If you can't choose between them, we cover all the bases here.


The GLE Class - To Coupe or Not To Coupe

If you're considering which GLE is right you - the regular mid-sized SUV or the sporty Coupe version - this article will give you all you need.


Five Classic Mercedes' We'd Love To See Revived

We allow ourselves the fantasy of looking as five classic Mercedes we'd love to see back on the road.


Taking Your Mercedes-Benz Into Europe: What To Know

Planning a trip to Europe in your Mercedes? We talk you through the things you need to be aware of before you set off.


Slc Vs C-Class Cabriolet Aesthetics And Performances Compared

If you're in the lucky position of weighing up the SLC against theh C-Class Coupe, this article might help you decide on which Mercedes is right for you.


Five Signs Your Car Is Due A Check Up

Your car will start to give you clues when its due a bit of a health check. With this guide, you won't miss a symptom again.


C Class vs E Class - battle of the coupes

Both the latest C-Class Coupe, that was introduced to the UK in 2016, and the new E-Class Coupe which was welcomed to the market in spring 2017 are arrestingly elegant, whether stationary or in motion


Five Spectacular UK Summer Road Trips

Whether you're dropping down the top of your SL Roadster, looking forward to stretching the legs of a C Class Coupe, or settling into the refined luxury of your GLC SUV, here are five of the most spectacular UK summer road trips you can enjoy in your Mercedes.


Five ways to spruce up your second hand car

It's a lucky man who makes a profit on a car, but there's no reason why you can't improve your motor's value with a little TLC.


How Mercedes Redefined The Motor Industry

Although there were earlier efforts at creating motorised vehicles, the birth of the modern automobile is generally traced back to 1885. This was the year that inventor Karl Benz produced the Benz Patent-Motorwagen. Much has changed since those days, and there's been many turning points which have redefined the motor industry.


The AMG GT R takes on the Nürburgring

As the most exciting model currently in the Mercedes range, the Mercedes AMG GT R has been nicknamed the ‘Beast of the Green Hell’ thanks to its domination of the fearsome Nürburgring.


New Mercedes GLA

The Mercedes-Benz GLA is the smallest SUV that the brand currently offers, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t as capable as its larger siblings.


Mercedes S Class Coupe Night Edition

Debuting at the Detroit motor show, the S-Class Coupé ‘Night Edition’ will add an extra dimension to the luxury fastback model.


Inchcape Mercedes Service Plans

Looking after your Mercedes is key to making sure it runs at its optimum and stays in the best condition possible so you can enjoy every drive in your car.


The New E-Class Coupe

The new E-Class Coupe is on sale now from your nearest Inchcape Mercedes-Benz Centre, with prices starting from £40,135 for the dynamic fastback.


CLA Finance Offers

The CLA range is one that exudes dynamic performance and smooth driving, thanks to the sleek and aerodynamic design of both the coupe and shooting brake models.