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Published Date: 08/09/2015

The A-Class is a dynamic-looking premium compact hatchback for the young, sporty type. It has dramatic lines and sculpted surfaces on the outside, while high-grade materials combine comfort and style inside. There are contoured sports seats and integrated headrests too. This is a radical piece of automotive engineering aimed at breathing fresh life into the segment.

CO2 emissions are as low as 98g/km and fuel consumption as high as 76.4mpg. Transmissions include a six-speed manual, ensuring a supremely engaging driving experience from a four-door hatch that has the road manners of a sports coupé, whether you’re cruising in the outside lane or weaving through city streets.

The B-Class is a compact executive hatchback particularly suitable for young families. This Compact Sports Tourer blends an eyecatching design with exceptional safety, practicality and efficiency, raising the bar in this segment. The beautifully appointed ergonomic and spacious interior has convenience and comfort at its core, including folding tables and luggage nets on the back of the front seats.

The six versions (four diesels and two petrols) boast impressive consumption and emissions, eg, up to 70.6mpg combined and 104g/km of CO2 from the B180d (automatic).

Meanwhile, the C-Class is aimed at the more mature families, with the compact executive available as a saloon, estate or coupé.

It handles superbly and gives outstanding performance, eg, the C200d (manual) can return up to 72.4mpg combined.

All-new C-Class has got plenty more equipment than before, too, such as the intuitive touchpad control, which uses movements that all smartphone users will recognise. There’s also an optional and nifty new head-up display, meaning the driver can keep their eyes on the road while taking in key data.

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