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Published Date: 12/10/2015

A week with the Mercedes AMG GT S

Mercedes Benz AMG GT S

The Mercedes-AMG GT S is the head turning supercar from Mercedes-Benz that has become one of the most desirable cars on the road.

We were lucky enough to have one in for a week to test its everyday usability and to say we fell in love with the AMG GT S would be an understatement.

The AMG GT S is a 510bhp muscle car from the very depths of AMG's Affalterbach headquarters. It is everything that you could want a supercar to be: fast, loud and incredibly good-looking.

While the GT styling has a real sense of occasion, it's more elegant and svelte rather than brutish and aggressive. This means that every day driving is simple and easy, yet when we put our foot down it responded with epic performance. Power comes from a twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8, which pumps out more than 500bhp and will reach 0-60mph in under four seconds with a top speed of 193mph.

We took it to Wales and had all kinds of fun in it. On the narrow mountain roads the GT S came to life, sticking to the tarmac as we cornered at speed and offering one of the best engine notes you’ll find in a car today.

Once inside, the dash layout is everything you'd expect from a premium performance coupe, the materials and attention to detail are first class and the seats are supportive and comfortable. This made even the commute to work in the morning worth getting up for.

It is the everyday usability of this car that we were incredibly impressed with. When pushed it is extremely loud and fast, however when you drive it sensibly it is quiet and luxurious.

We loved spending time with the AMG GT S, we only wish we could have had it for a bit longer.

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