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Published Date: 21/12/2015

Mercedes-AMG 12 cylinder engines in demand!

In an era where many manufacturers are downsizing their engines, there's a surprising demand for 12-cylinder units from Mercedes.

Demand is so high, in fact, that Mercedes-AMG has had put into action a plan to move production to a new, larger factory. This will move the V12 line from AMG headquarters at Affalterbach to the Daimler site in Mannheim, Germany.

Mercedes-AMG 12 cylinder engines in demand

These 6-litre, turbocharged engines can be found in the Mercedes-AMG S65, S65 Coupé, G65 and SL65, and are famously individually handbuilt by one man per engine, with a plate bearing the builder's signature attached to each unit.

The switch will be made in February 2016 with the skilled employees who currently assemble the engines at Affalterbach shifting to the eight-cylinder lines to avoid the movement of a number of staff members over the 70-mile gap between the locations.

The available capacity at Daimler allows expansion of engine production, and Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH Tobias Moers, believes the move had to be made due to the lack of room at the old production centre.

Moving V12 production to a new site also allows the V8 line at Affalterbach to expand into the extra capacity, allowing for additional V8 production too.

The Daimler site needs significant preparation to ready it for V12 production, so the engines will continue to be built at AMG for the time being to ensure no interruption in output.

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