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Published Date: 28/08/2015

If a supercar is what you are in the market for then the Mercedes AMG GT should be very high on your list.

It is the manufacturer’s first supercar since the SLS and is having the same success as its much-loved predecessor. 

What it does have though is an incredible new look, lots of power and an AMG soundtrack that makes every penny worthwhile. Here are some reasons the AMG GT is a great supercar.


Although the gull-wing doors added to the sense of occasion of the car the new Mercedes supercar looks better. Its long bonnet and short body gives the car a real sporty look and its huge rear exhausts not only bellow through the revs but also look great!


As expected, the performance of the AMG GT is absolutely breathtaking. With 503bhp being produced from the twin-turbocharged V8 engine the GT goes from 0-60 in 3.5 and onto a top speed of 193mph. Away from the insane performance, 22mpg is also achievable.


The practical interior of the GT means that it is usable as an everyday vehicle. There is also a very solid centre console that is dominated by eight big buttons, making them very easy to use whilst at any speed. Comfort is excellent as well thanks to two sports seats that also offer increased stability in the cabin.


For the two-people that can fit in the cabin there is more than enough boot space to fit a few bags and other stuff. It is also easier to enter the cabin now that the doors aren’t gull-wing and there is plenty of space once in there.

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