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Published Date: 01/09/2015

Mercedes has rebooted the Maybach to restate its claim in the super-luxury saloon sector and provide renewed competition to models from Bentley and Rolls-Royce.


The Maybach is 207mm longer and taller than any other Mercedes S-Class model, and Mercedes have made good use of the extra space. Both rear seats recline just like the ultra-business-class seats on an executive jet, with extending footrests and pillow-style headrests for the ultimate in cosseted executive travel. Optional seat extras can massage, heat and chill on demand, arm rests included.


Daimler claims the Maybach provides the quietest rear passenger compartment of any car currently in production, the whole structure having been revised and sound proofed to reduce the noise from road, (foam-filled) tyres and wind. This is helped by Mercedes’ Magic Body Control - suspension that reacts to camera-scanned road-surface data to ensure the air of tranquillity is undisturbed.

Devil in the detail

In a vehicle at this end of the market some special touches are expected, and the Maybach provides. Silver-plated champagne flutes, bespoke wood trim, hand-stitched leather door panels and an optional full-length centre console with deployable work table all combine to make the interior space something special.


It’s a long, long list, as befits a vehicle pitched at the very top of the market. If the silence Mercedes engineers have worked so hard to provide needs a break, Maybach occupants can turn on the 1540 watt Burmester 3D surround sound system with its 24 speakers. Meanwhile, the already gilded interior can be further improved by a system that pumps Maybach’s own signature scent and ionised air around the cabin, and a choice of seven possible colours of ambient interior lighting.

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