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Published Date: 28/08/2015

The Mercedes S-Cass is the widely regarded as the best car in the world and has cemented its spot as the best luxury car that money can buy.

Inside there are few comfier places to be in the world and it is all tucked away inside a brilliant looking saloon that manages to look sporty despite its size.

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Here is what makes the S-Class the car to beat.


There is simply no better interior on the market than that of the Mercedes S-Class. It is full of high quality materials, high-tech equipment and there is enough space for even the tallest person in the back seats. Not only are the extremely comfortable seats heated, the arm rests are as well so even your arms will be kept warm on long cruises

Ride quality

Even if the ride quality weren’t excellent you would still be comfortable in the cabin. However, the ride quality is superb making even the bumpiest of roads seem like it is newly tarmacked. The steering is light and direct, which makes driving the big Mercedes very easy.


Mercedes have managed to make their large, luxury saloon incredibly desirable thanks to its modern styling.. It long wheelbase gives it a Maybach look and scream out luxury. That said, there is still a hint of sporty looks included, which makes it more attractive to the family car buyer.


If speed is what you’re after then Mercedes have that covered as well. If you opt for the S63 AMG, you will get a twin-turbo 5.5-litre V8 that boasts 577bhp allowing 0-62 to happen in just 4.4 seconds, incredibly fast for such a large and luxurious car.

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