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Published Date: 16/06/2016

Mercedes C-Class

The 4MATIC all-wheel drive system is one of the key selling points of the Mercedes-Benz range and now the extra flexibility of four-wheel drive is available for the diesel models in the C-Class range.

Although you may expect such a system to mainly be used with the SUVs of the range, it is coming into the saloon and estate models to help improve their all-weather performance and control.

Available on both the C220d and C250d, the 4MATIC system will be available with diesel engines for the first time in a C-Class. Fitted as an option to both Sport and AMG Lines, the diesel engines' efficiency ensures that you won't see a significant change in fuel consumption as you normally would with a four-wheel drive system.

To make the most of the added traction and stability, 4MATIC is paired with an automatic transmission. The intelligent electronic system doesn’t include differential locks, with each wheel undergoing specific braking to make sure they have the correct grip. This variable braking helps to improve traction when slowing on slippery surfaces, in addition to the benefits that four-wheel drive brings to acceleration and handling.

For more information on the new C-Class all-wheel drive options or any of the other features or models in the Mercedes range, contact your nearest Inchcape Mercedes dealership to find out more.

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