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Author: Dan Clarkson

Published Date: 16/11/2016

The AMG range is the pinnacle of the Mercedes line, and with these models some of the most desirable on the market, we at Inchcape Mercedes hope to entice you with some fantastic offers on these great cars.

Mercedes CLA update 2016

Starting with the A 45 AMG, we provide a 36-month contract worth £449 per month. Following a deposit of £5,999 and a retailer contribution of £1,412.38, the overall cost of the agreement for the three years is £23,575.38. If you choose to keep the car, you pay £21,635 (including the activation fee), meaning a grand total of £45,210.38.

To branch into the middle ground of the range, we offer the practical C 43 4Matic Estate on a 36-month agreement for £637.26 per month. With the total monthly costs of £22,941.36 and the deposit of £5,999, you pay £28,940.36 by the end of the three year agreement. With an optional purchase fee of £22,450 and purchase activation fee of £10, the cost of the three-year contract and final payments would total £51,400.36.

The ever-dependable G 63 AMG 4Matic is also available on an Inchcape Finance deal, with monthly costs of £1,802.03. During the 36-month contract, the monthly payments would total £64,873.08, and following the customer deposit of £17,999 with a retailer deposit contribution of £8,196.20, the three years would end following a total of £91,068.28. With an optional final purchase of £54,835, the total paid for the G63 would be £145,903.28.

With the rest of the AMG-tuned range available on Inchcape Finance offers, you will be able to find the right AMG model for you. For more information, contact your nearest Inchcape Mercedes-Benz Centre.

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