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Author: Dan Clarkson

Published Date: 18/10/2016

In the latest move to make Mercedes-AMG one of the leading performance car brands, Mercedes has announced it will be releasing a Formula One-inspired hypercar.

Inchcape Mercedes Benz

Announced on the eve of the Paris Motor Show, the model is already in the process of being developed and will be using Mercedes-AMG’s recent success in F1 as the base for the vehicle.

At a special media event before the French motor show, Professor Thomas Weber – who is a member of Daimler AG's board for Group Research and Development – said: “Under the lead of Mercedes-AMG, our performance companies will join forces and create the most efficient and, at the same time, most dynamic and most spectacular AMG of all time – some might even call it a hyper car.

"It will show how we will take our performance brand into the future with extremely efficient and intelligent drivetrain technology."

According to Mercedes officials, the AMG range will have ten models added in 2017, with the hypercar model coming in 2018. It will have the full powertrain setup from the current Mercedes-AMG Formula One car, including the 1.6-litre petrol and supplementary MGU-K and MGU-H systems that convert kinetic energy and hot exhaust gases into electrical energy to add more horsepower to the drivetrain.

Following the successes of the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Constructors' World Championship in F1, this new hypercar has plenty of provenance and technology to work with.

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