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Published Date: 02/07/2016

Mercedes engine investment

To stay one step ahead of the market, Mercedes-Benz has invested a considerable amount of money into making sure its next generation of diesel engines are the cleanest and most economical.

With stricter emission limits set by the EU for September 2017, Mercedes has already been working to those guidelines to make sure it are helping to make for cleaner roads and less pollution. 

The newly designed units include new stepped combustion chambers and a further developed exhaust-gas circulation system, which instead of being placed under the car’s floor is now in the engine unit itself to help with system efficiency and effectiveness.

The first launch of these units will be fitted to the new E-Class 220d, with the unit now consuming less than 4 litres per 100km and is also more powerful than the previous unit, producing 195hp compared to 170hp. This means CO2 emissions of 102 g/km.

This unit is the first in Mercedes-Benz’s new modular engine family, which will be applied to both the Mercedes Car and Van divisions, giving uniformity across the ranges. With several power outputs, drive settings and installation options, this range that will also have selective catalytic reduction by 2019 and will have the latest technologies across the entire diesel range. 

These developments mean that the diesel engines are moving in line with the petrol engines already developed by Mercedes, which have been some of the most efficient and environmentally friendly on the market. The fitting of particulate filters to their engines puts Mercedes at the head of the game also, as it is the first manufacturer to do so - fitted to the new S-Class.

The superb effort by Mercedes has been verified by German inspection company DEKRA, who tested the E 220d and proved that all emissions were down, including the NOx emissions, which were below EU guidelines at both normal and low ambient temperatures.

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