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Published Date: 03/03/2016

Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake

As part of an ever-growing range of compact car range, the CLA Shooting Brake is the latest model to be released by Mercedes-Benz to offer space and comfort in a slim-lined car.

With some of the latest safety features to assist you, the spacious CLA will cater for every need in a pleasurable fashion, thanks to a large boot, a well-furnished cabin fitted with leather seats and a series of quality and well-designed engines.

Even with the extra bodywork, the Shooting Brake doesn't lose the sporty look of the coupé, thanks to a more aerodynamic body and a lower and wider stance on the road, maintaining the athletic feel of the normal CLA.

The Shooting Brake is available in the same trim levels as the coupé; the Urban line, the renowned AMG line - which gives the driver the confidence and equipment to push the limits on the road and offers a special driving feel - and the OrangeArt edition that emphasises the sportier features already fitted in the AMG trim, whilst also adding extra comfort features to make the already comfortable experience even more so.

Also available through the options is an elegant panoramic sliding sunroof, helping to create a bright atmosphere, and thanks to a mesh wind deflector, noise and draughts are reduced dramatically when the roof is open.

Mercedes-Benz offers the CLA Shooting Brake with both diesel and petrol options, all producing impressive efficiency figures. Our CLA200 CDI diesel option gives competitive emissions statistics, with easily attainable returns of 101 g/km of CO2, whilst our higher-powered petrol options give great performance in tandem with efficient fuel consumption.

The speed of the coupé isn’t hindered by the extra weight either, with the top end AMG CLA 45 4matic going from 0-60 in 4.7 seconds, with a limited top speed of 155mph, almost identical to the coupé. 

Fitted as standard to the Shooting Brake is the Collision Prevention Assist Plus system, which aids the driver’s braking if a collision is likely and applies the brake to stop or reduce the likelihood of a serious collision. Also fitted is the Attention Assist system that detects the driver’s attention levels and helps them accordingly.

On-the-road prices start from £26,690 for the entry CLA180 manual version, with the top end AMG CLA45 costing £40,570.

For more information on the CLA Class, including the Shooting Brake, click here:

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