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Introducing Inchcape Care - the premier choice for our customers

Inchcape Asset Protection

If in the past you've insured a vehicle you'll know that year on year the insured value will reduce. Should you be unfortunate enough to have your vehicle suffer a total loss by either being written off or stolen, it's a feature of Fully Comprehensive Motor Insurance to put you back in the same position as you were at the time of the loss. This would involve a loss adjustor estimating the value of your vehicle with a hopeful view of allowing you to purchase a vehicle of a similar age, mileage and specification.

Our customers tell us that, in an ideal world, they would prefer to receive in settlement the original retail price of their vehicle. This would allow them to return to us and purchase a new vehicle equivalent to the one they originally purchased.

With this in mind Inchcape Retail are proud to be able to offer Retail Price Protection (RPP), working in conjunction with your Comprehensive Motor Insurance, in the case of a total loss settlement RPP would top up the insurance company's pay out to the original retail price of the vehicle, taking into account any dealer or factory fitted options, and in addition will contribute £250.00 towards your insurance excess. This could be up £50,000 depending on how much you paid for your car.

As the largest automotive retailed in the world, we believe in providing a world-class service to our customers. We are very proud of the fact that Inchcape Asset Protection is rated as a 5* product by independent rating body, Defaqto. This is a great reflection of the service and performance you can expect from your Mercedes-Benz Retailer of choice.

GardX Vehicle Protection

What's the first thing you think about when someone asks you to describe your car? Is it how it looks in the sunlight, what that new car smell is like when you drive it or is it how you can never get it looking as clean as it was in the showroom, how you wish you'd not left that takeaway on the passenger seat...

Many of our customers appreciate that the condition of their vehicle is crucial to achieving the resale value they'd like and as they state that this is important to them, Inchcape have worked hard to be able to offer customers the GardX Vehicle Protection System (VPS)

GardX VPS is a 2-stage process that removes impurities from your paintwork and then treats the exterior of the vehicle with a revolutionary high gloss paint sealant, this sealant will form a tough and durable shell, encasing and protecting your paint against oxidisation and atmospheric pollutants, maintaining a high gloss finish, guaranteed for the lifetime of ownership of your car.

The interior of your vehicle would also be professionally treated. This treatment forms an invisible and durable shield around each fibre, resisting oil and water based spills and helping to prevent permanent staining. Stains resulting from a spill are much easier to remove, keeping your upholstery looking newer for longer. For cars with a leather interior, this can also be treated to make it easier to keep clean and supple.

Tyre Insurance

Punctures happen when you least need them to, we rarely hear a customer tell us that they were pleased that they had to change a tyre.

Whilst Tyre Insurance doesn't assist with the physical changing of a punctured tyre it does help soothe the pain somewhat by paying for the tyres replacement.

In the case of a puncture, from accidental or even malicious damage, a simple phone call from an approved supplier will see a new tyre fitted as soon as possible. With lower profile and run flat tyres adding considerably to the cost of replacement, this product is suitable for everyone regardless of their mileage, after all, how many miles does it take to have a puncture?

You can have a choice of up to £125, £300 or £450 per tyre depending on your vehicle. Your Business Manager will guide you to the right solution.

Alloy Wheel Insurance

When you watch any home improvement show they often talk of "Kerb Appeal" increasing a property's value, when it comes to Alloy Wheels "Kerbing" has the opposite effect on the vehicles value.

In the event that your alloy wheels are accidentally damaged, Alloy Wheel Insurance will pay for the cost of repairs. These will be undertaken by an approved specialist repairer, with up to 18 claims allowable during the 3 years of the policy. Each claim is up to the value of £110.

As a result, not only can you enjoy the good looks of your vehicle during the life of your ownership, but you can also return the vehicle to us, in part exchange for a new vehicle, with the alloys in good condition allowing us to work hard to get the best price for your vehicle.

Cosmetic Repair Insurance

We’ve all been there – you’re washing the car at the weekend and you notice a small dent that wasn’t there last week. How did it happen – was it me or did someone less careful open their door against mine in the car park?

In any case the choice now is to keep looking at it (your eye will be drawn to it) or have it fixed; traditionally this would involve contacting your local body repair centre, taking the car to them for an estimate, then deciding whether to claim on your motor insurance and potentially lose your hard-earned No Claims Discount (and pay an excess for the privilege) or pay for the repair yourself, sometimes hundreds of pounds – whichever route you choose you are likely to be without your car for a few days.

The great news is that there is now a better way – technology has advanced over the last few years to the stage where many minor repairs can be completed without having to give up your car.  This could include small dents, scuffs and scrapes – the sort of thing that could cause a reduction in your cars value as well as being a constant reminder of someone else’s carelessness.

It gets better – by purchasing our Inchcape Care “Cosmetic Repair Insurance”(CRI) when you buy your car we can take care of these without you having to pay anything other than a small excess for each repair – fully trained and Mercedes-Benz approved technicians can come to your home or office and carry out localised repairs with a minimum of fuss and inconvenience to you.

Ask us for more details on Cosmetic Repair Insurance to see how it could benefit you.

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