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*Our online valuation software uses industry-leading, independent market valuations to give you three indications of value based on your view of condition. The exact final valuation of your vehicle is subject to inspection at one of our retail centres. **Subject to settlement of any outstanding finance on your car. All valuations are subject to our expert inspection, a satisfactory provenance / ownership check and cars must have an up to date manufacturer service history. Although it is a rare occurrence we reserve the right to decline any car as a part exchange

Sell your Mercedes-Benz

For decades, Mercedes-Benz has been a favourite amongst motorists. With their distinctive design, high performance, smooth handling, luxurious feel and dependable nature, this comes as no surprise. At Mercedes-Benz Inchcape, we’ll buy your Mercedes-Benz from you and make selling your car easy. We offer competitive deals and remove a lot of the hassle that is often associated with selling your car. Additionally, we currently operate from twelve different retail centres across the country, including Liverpool, Nottingham, Oxford and Leicester. Get in touch to find out more or pop in for a no obligation chat.